NEK-CAP, Inc.'s Non-Discrimination Statement and Policy applies to all services offered.

It is NEK-CAP, Inc.’s belief that all families and individuals want to have a good paying job, have food on their table, have a quality education for their children and live in safe and affordable housing.  These are basic needs and wants for all people, so NEK-CAP, Inc. works to empower people and change their lives. The Family Development Advocates empower individuals and families by individualizing goals through the use of the Family Development Partnership.  With support families and individuals can develop, grow and sustain skills in numerous areas of live including: Education, Employment, Housing and Community, Transportation, Services and Resources, Family Relations, Family Wellness, Family Finances, Child Care, and Parenting.

The Family Development Advocates work closely with the family in determining the levels of progress for the family. Each life area is assessed using the following descriptions:

  • At-Risk/In Crisis: Immediate needs threaten physical or emotional safety. They are unable to meet basic needs. The lack of knowledge or access to assistance is a factor. The family is unlikely to improve without outside intervention.
  • Capable: The family relies on temporary or innappropriate solutions to pressing problems. The family is unable or unwilling to develop long term solutions. The family relies heavily on assistance.
  • Stable: The family does not face significant threats. Public assistance helps meet needs. The family is willing to work toward long term change.
  • Thriving: The family is strong and healthy. The family has achieved commonly accepted standards of well-being and is able to plan for the future. The family no longer requires any public assistance.

Family Development Advocates support families for immediate change in the any areas determined as "in crisis" situations through direct provision of services or referrals.

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Filling the Gap

NEK-CAP, Inc. and Kansas Food Bank collaborate to offer the Filling the Gap summer food program for eligible youth (to age 18).  This program is offered in Jewell, Mitchell, Osborne, Republic, Smith and Washington counties in Kansas.  Approximately 100 youth are served through this program.

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Emergency Services

NEK-CAP, Inc. Family Development Advocates provide emergency services (rent/utility assistance) on an as needed basis county by county.

Funds are provided through community support or donations. Grants funds can vary dependent upon county.



Love and Logic Parenting Workshops        

Love and Logic® provides simple and practical techniques to help parents with kids of all ages:

  • Raise responsible kids
  • Have more fun in their role
  • Easily and immediately (first use) change their children's behavior

Love and Logic is a philosophy founded in 1977 by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D. It is the approach of choice among leading educators, parents, and other professionals worldwide.

Check with your local NEK-CAP, Inc. Outreach Office or NEK-CAP, Inc. Head Start Center for times and locations. Visit our Contact page for more information.



Tackling the Tough Skills

Tackling the Tough Skills is a fun, innovative and highly interactive life skills curriculum that helps hard-to-reach adults or teens prepare for success in work and life. It's also being used to teach soft skills to employees in the workplace.

Soft skills aren't "fluff." They are life skills many take for granted, yet are critical when a person doesn't have them. Like: Attitude, Responsibility, Communication, Problem solving, Preparing for the workplace.

Tackling the Tough Skills was originally designed to help adults transition from welfare to work in the St. Louis area.