NEK-CAP, Inc. is governed by a tripartite, local Board of Directors who are representatives of the communities NEK-CAP, Inc. serves. It is composed of:

  • 1/3 elected public officials
  • 1/3 private sector organizations representatives
  • 1/3 elected by low-income customers

This coalition of public, private, and low-income people's interests allow programs to be developed and implemented in ways that are responsive to local values, local poverty problems and improving community life for all.


President: Mr. James T. Scherer, Northern-Public Sector Representative

1st Vice President: Mr. Brad Lippert , Northern-Public Sector Representative

2nd Vice President: Ms. Joy Padgett, Northern-Public Sector Representative

Secretary: Ms. Kristy Callahan, Northern-Private Sector Representative

Treasurer: Mr. Erik Madsen, Northern-Private Sector Representative

Member at Large: Mr. David Shrum, Southern-Low Income Sector Representative


Ms. Jody Allen, Head Start Policy Council Liason

Mr. Rob Ladner, Southern-Public Sector Representative

Ms. Pat Koch, Northern-Low Income Sector Representative

Ms. Kelsey Merchant, Northern-Private Sector Representative

Ms. Janice Morelock, Southern-Low Sector Representative

Mr. Eric Noll, Southern-Public Sector Representative

Ms. Amy Posey, Southern-Private Sector Representative

Ms. April Todd, Northern-Private Sector Representative


Northern Region:  Brown, Doniphan, Jewell, Marshall, Nemaha, Republic and Smith Counties

Southern Region:  Mitchell, Osborne, Riley, Pottawatomie, Jackson, Jefferson, Leavenworth and Atchison Counties.